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In this day and age of the vehicle wash industry you need to get the edge on competition, and do it as cost effectively as possible.  The Vcard program is one of the ways to do that, and you don’t necessarily have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do it.

The Vcard program works across many different platforms in the car wash industry, including tunnel washes, self serve, inbay automatics, pet wash, and much more.  What is great about the Vcard program is that you don’t need to be a network engineer to implement it.  At its simplest form, the Vcard program is virtually plug and play.

Whether you have 1 or 100 car wash locations you can connect them all and manage the Vcard program from one place whether it’s from the office, home, or vacation spot.

There are many different card programs with the Vcard system and most of them are compatible across all types of car wash platforms.  For example, the cash card can be used in every type of car wash, so if you sell a cash card at your full service car wash, it can be used at your self-service car wash as well, or even an oil change.

The Vcard program is able to collect customers’ information and tie it to their card, allowing you to track washing habits. This information can be taken to direct-market your customers for other services you may offer and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or any other type of social media.         

The Most Cost Effective Solution In the Car Wash Industry
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Video: Jon talks about the Vcard, and how it works for his car wash.